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I am still up trying to migrate the blogs I follow to WP. So, why not make the post for Sunday too?

There are more than 100 blogs in my follow list. I have added almost half of them to WP but not fully done yet. It is still work in progress.

Does WP follow other domain blogs too? like blogpost? I am able to follow them but was not sure if the feed will work.

I forgot to add in yesterday’s post. The quick remedy if essential oil gets into eyes is to clean it with olive oil or milk. This will help to dilute the oil. Later, you can wash it with water. Don’t use water initially as water doesn’t mix with oil. I read this in internet though we didn’t use olive oil or milk. So, I am not sure about its authenticity. By the time I found this remedy, M already made LHB open his eyes.


12 thoughts on “Blog reader

  1. I just thought that you press the follow button on wp. And when in the app you press the reader button..It shows all those you follow. .

    And no blogspot does not what I did was created a single page in blogspot and put all I want to read as a widget..

    How is the eye now….

  2. I use Feedly despite the annoying ways it eats up my comments more often than I like, because I follow a massive number of self-hosted websites & non-Wordpress blogs. So for all things WP I use the WP app but my reader is Feedly for all blogs including WP ones. Switching the reader can be a pain, especially when I have over 600 websites in my reader.

    • I agree it is a pain especially when our list is very long.. So far I have migrated only half of the blogs. I am planning to keep Feedly for non-WP blogs and self hosted sites. So, as I add blogs to WP I am deleting them from Feedly to avoid duplication..

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