About my day

Today is another milestone. I have joined my client as full time employee. I was contracting for past few months and last month they offered to hire me full time with the new role I am playing now. It took one month for paperwork and today was decided as my joining date.

Most part of the day was spent in orientation with good lunch. We were a group of 15 people from different portfolio joining today and I enjoyed that one day celebrity treatment. We were escorted to all places, treated with special lunch and badging office had our badges ready even before our arrival.

Returned to work around 3pm and rest of the day was productive and satisfied.

I am drafting this post in WP app from phone offline while travelling in tunnel. I can’t get over this app yet. How did I miss this awesome stuff all this time?

Yesterday night I volunteered to put LHB to sleep though chores were yet to be done. It was a big step from my side considering how I get carried away with chores most of the time and prefer to tick things off my chores list before calling it a day. When I entered bedroom the little guy started searching for his books and settled in his spot with blanket rolled up. What a sight that was!!! We read books, laughed together, made some funny faces and happily drifted to sleep.

I took 725 train today morning and will be taking the same train for next two days as we have all day meeting from 8:30-6pm tomorrow and day after. I surely miss my sleep 😦

I couldn’t complete this post while travelling in train so continuing now at 10:36pm. LHB wanted to go to bed at 8:45pm and guess what? He called out for mommy as he was climbing the stairs. I couldn’t deny at all. Just asked M to switch off the stove after the cooker whistles twice and ran upstairs.

When we were about to settle with books, Adi came from nowhere to ask me something and this messed up everything. The boy started to cry asking for his daddy and Adi when she left the room and we could hear the duo talking in loud voice downstairs. Tears were rolling down his cheeks heavily as he was trying to open the locked door. I made Adi come up for 5 minutes. We played games ignoring him as he was continuing to cry, slowly getting confused whether to laugh or cry staring at our silly reactions.

After few mins, I approached him, picked him up, he budged, stopped crying and the three of us played for few more mins. That eased the situation. Then, Adi went downstairs to continue with her work. LHB slept in less than 10 minutes and I stepped downstairs to attend to the cooker that released all the pressure long back. Wish we had such a system within ourself, just to release all the pressure.

16 thoughts on “About my day

  1. Congrats on the shift in employer! LHB’s bedtime routine is so cute. Cannot even imagine what it means to balance two kids or more. This is a classic parenting test and it looks like you did great with the disatracting and soothing.

  2. Congratulations Ani 😀
    I’m sure LHB & you will bond better with this new routine of bedtime reading 🙂
    P.S.- Just had a look at the Lilypie counter, is it LHB’s birthday?
    Sending loads of love, hugs & kisses for LHB & Adi ❤

  3. Congrats Ani on the new milestone!! Is is great that you manage two kids with work!! From whcih age did LBH start on the reading books to sleep routine?It is cute..Would like to start the same for Nemo

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