Archive | January 13, 2016

FM Radio

How many of you like to listen to radio? I am an ardent fan of FMs. I listen to Chennai FMs using app whenever possible though it will not be consistent. The server will be down sometimes so there is no guarantee that you will be able to listen to it when you want to.

My favorite show is “Nee Naan Raja” from Radio Mirchi. It worked best to listen to it on days I used to work from home in previous job unless there are some meetings. It starts at 1130am my time and goes till 130pm.

And then I also listen to “Rettai vaal” again from Radio Mirchi when I go for my early morning walk.

Recent find is 8K app. It is a Tamil radio operated from US. Their motto is “Inga miles kammi smiles jasthi”. It is good.

Apart from this I have a collection of Tamil songs in my phone which I listen to while in transit every day. I try to update my collection with new songs periodically based on recos from great people like Maya.. Her musical series are my go to place to find good music.

I prefer to play music in the background while alone at home. Work gets done faster and you don’t feel the tiredness too.

At gym, one song accounts to 5 mins for me. I push myself to continue with the routine until current song completes. I even used to race with the song.

I give almost equal weight age to tune and lyrics to like a song. A song with touching lyrics always enters the heart fast.

To me listening to a song with all your heart and humming it along is equivalent to meditation as no other thought comes to your mind at that time.

Happy listening and happy singing to you all!!!