Archive | January 15, 2016

Happy Pongal 2016

As it was a long weekend, we were given an option to work from home today and take a early sign off. Guess how my day was? I decided to go to office as I worked from home yesterday and there was loads of work piled up to complete. It took whole day to reach some decent shape and I left work at 6:20pm. I could have as well turned off the lights and locked the door as I was the last one to leave from our floor.

So, M decided to take charge and celebrated pongal with the kids. They made sweet pongal in the evening and prayed to invisible god as god’s are packed safe at our home right now for the lack of counter top or no space in the kitchen.

I was told that Adi played major role in pongal making and said “pongal-o-pongal” as the milk was boiling.. This girl loves cooking.


Pongal always takes me back to good old days when we visit my native place every year to celebrate the farmer’s festival with my thatha, who lived and died as a farmer. We celebrate it grandly for four days and I am glad to have jotted it down all in this space few years ago.  I miss those days..

Happy pongal to all!!