Christmas tradition

Today was an out day. We woke up, got ready, ate quick breakfast and jumped into the car. The plan was to visit our ex neighbors at our old neighborhood to greet them for Christmas and then visit an outlet mall on the way. You read that right. H paati was out of town for Christmas and we were busy on following weekends. So the meet up was planned for today. Better late than never.This is a Christmas tradition I am trying to keep up every year. They (4 grandmas) are the best part of Adi’s childhood. We have been neighbors for around 6 years.

Adi made her trademark heart shaped card for them and I bought the presents yesterday evening. I promised to meet them at 10:30am but ended up at their doorstep at 11:30am. I did call H paati ahead and apologized for the delay. We had a good chat for around one hour and exchanged our Christmas presents.


It was nice to drive around the old neighborhood observing the changes since we left the place around 1.5 years ago. Our favorite cake shop around the street corner was still in business and we stopped by hoping they will have “black forest” flavor as piece cake of the day. But, they didn’t and that didn’t stop us either. We bought the 8 inch whole black forest cake and gorged on it. We finished more than half portion of the cake in the shop itself.


I walked down the street to get masala chai and rest of the clan drove to the food cart at nearby street to buy lamb over rice street food. They were enjoying their lunch when I joined them with my chai. I saw this building on the way back. It was a beautiful art work.


And the street food was eaten in street err car 🙂 M was feeding the kids and I was surprised to see the kids taking turns to eat lamb with no fuss.  Kids and surprise goes hand in hand I guess!!


We then decided to stop by IKEA for a “quick visit” before heading off to the outlet mall. Apparently, the quick visit just took us about five hours that the outlet mall was closed by the time we stepped out of IKEA. As M always say we came back home with trunk load of stuff that we did not intend to buy but missed to buy the essential items we initially planned to buy today. I purchased some glass wares and cookwares for the yet-to-be-new kitchen.

We came back home around 8:30pm. Kids went to bed soon after that. LHB actually dozed off in the car itself. Later, M painted the dining table. I washed 2 loads of clothes, arranged part of the kitchen and we called it a day at 11pm. Oh I didn’t yet. I have one more important work for the day which I am doing at this very second.

P.S: I am feeling much better with the cold now. At least I guess I have crossed the running nose and watery eyes stage. Thank you all for the wishes. I did take medicine last night but my early to bed turned out to be 10pm and I didn’t get good sleep with LHB kicking me now and then.  But, it is okay.



12 thoughts on “Christmas tradition

  1. How can a visit to ikea be little.. its so massive and then the way it is designed takes ages to reach the check outs.. Going through the small lane which marks the way forwards…

    Now I am talking of uk maybe it’s different where you are..

    But hey a day we’ll spent especially with cake .. chai and lamb toooo yummmyyyy. …

  2. hi ani,
    visiting your blog after so long…catch all your updates..amazing to see your schedule…especially after the second kid life is more hectic for you i hope…im already tired with one…since we have a morning school this time i still getting used to waking up earlier at 5+… donno when we will settle?? things r hectic now, getting her ready, eating in the early morning even she having milk is a tedious job now for me…

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