Archive | January 19, 2016

My Santas-2015

I have been very lucky last year as I had not one but two Santa’s.

I have already blogged about one here

During Christmas week, a distant relative visited us and stayed at our home for a week. She was of immense help during this not fully functional kitchen days. I felt like having Amma with me. We chatted non stop and got along very well in a short span.

On Christmas eve, I planned to surprise her by keeping a gift for her under the tree. I kept alarm for 1am and placed her gift under the tree. Next day morning, we all woke up late and as I was climbing down the stairs, She was doing something in the kitchen. I asked her if she got a chance to check under the tree. Instead of checking the tree, she bounced back the same question to me. Did you check under the tree? There it was, my Christmas present and I couldn’t thank her enough for the surprise. It was a beautiful Salwar set. She woke up after me in the night and placed the gift. I was indeed happy with the surprise gift and counted my blessings. God bless all good souls who does thoughtful random acts that makes others happy.  Happiness is contagious and why not spread it if all it does is make this world a better place to live.

As we are already on the Christmas gift topic, let me share another incident. I received an email from H patti last night stating how timely our gift to her was. That, she has already started using it and thanked me for the thoughtful gift. Needless to say, I was in cloud nine and when I shared this with M, he said “Ofcourse, what else do you expect her to say?, will anyone say the gift is not good?”. I defended “She didn’t have to send that email. She could have not said anything”. There is my better half who plays his role to the best when it comes to keeping me on the ground!!!