Archive | January 20, 2016

Lunch – stir fry vegetables

This is my weekday lunch on most days unless there is a lunch planned at workplace.


I use below vegetables. Saute them for few mins (no oil) and add pesto sauce, sriracha sauce and salt. That’s it lunch is ready

Red cabbage (purple) – 1 small or 1/2 medium size
Carrots – 1 bunch
Peppers (3 colors – I use red, orange and yellow) – 3 nos
Celery – 1 bunch
Zuchinni (add it just before switching off stove as this gets cooked very quick). I prefer to retain its white color – 1/2 stick
Spinach (this too, just add before switching off stove so that it doesn’t wilt too much) – handful
boiled kala channa (or) sprouted green gram dal – handful

The quantity given above is good for 1 week. I cut the veggies on weekend and store it in ziploc in refrigerator.  It will last for the whole week and sometimes beyond too.  boiled channa and sprouts are also prepared on weekend.

You may alter this dish with any sauce of your like.  I love pesto+sriracha combo. This is one dish that I am continuing to eat for more than few months now. I am okay with eating it for weekday lunch as in between work and meetings I don’t really care what I eat.