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Adi-birth story-part 1

As the entire blogosphere has decided to write the birth story of their offspring, reading through them back to back has urged me to write my story too. We all are in need of fodder to sail through this blogathon. Don’t we?

I have already recorded the birth story of LHB here. This is about my elder one. What if she is double digit now? It is never too late and it will not matter to her when she reads it.

I was pregnant two months after my marriage. Call me naive and I will take it as that is how I was back then. M’s home was far from my workplace and my daily commute was becoming a nightmare. Also, MIL was undergoing medical treatment at that time. So, my base was shifted back to my parent’s home during first month of pregnancy itself. The commute became easier and I was blessed to be at mom’s care during the entire term. She used to wake up at 4am every day to pack my food bag. I call it a bag as I carry it seperate and it holds a big bottle of boiled water, small dabba with 4 date fruits, small dabba with curd, big tupperware lunch bag with rice, vegetable, sundal and a medium spill proof cup with promogranate juice. I kid not! She packed this every single day and my only task on those days was to empty the lunch bag before returning home. My daily dosage of iron, calcium, protein intake was all taken care by her.

I did have personal meltdowns now and then but health was fine all through the term. Had chosen one of the best hospital at Chennai, followed regular monthly check ups, attended few of their prenatal classes and I should admit that I had a safe pregnancy term. I still remember the day we went for the 20th week ultrasound. Adi was in her father’s favorite relaxing position when we saw her via ultrasound. With hands behind her head and one leg crossed over the other. I was fascinated by that sight and that moment has been etched in my memory forever.

The EDD was fixed as 2nd week of May and I went to work till end of April. It was tough to carry that big tummy and board the air bus. The last step of the bus was higher for my height and I have to literally jump to climb up and down. The seats will be filled by the time my stop comes and as I climb the steps, someone used to get up to offer a seat every day. I had never travelled standing in that entire tenure. You will feel that the world has become nicer suddenly with all random people caring for you when you are pregnant.

I took leave starting 1st May and M registered me into an online programming contest considering I will drive him crazy if I am left doing nothing. I did complete 4 rounds before the due date and managed to get a consolation prize (a cap).

On 12th May evening, I felt some discomfort/random pain and we rushed to the hospital around 9pm. The doctor on duty checked and said I am not due for at least next 10 days. She asked me to give a urine test just to be safer. The next day was my regular checkup day. My paati (amma’s amma) came in to help us through the delivery time. I have written about her here. With what just happened last night, Amma said she will stay home with paati and cook lunch for us while M and I can go for the regular visit. This was the first time Amma didn’t accompany me for the checkup.

So, on 13th May M and I left home around 10am for the regular checkup.

Cut to today, the girl wants me to cut out some paper birds for her school project that is due tomorrow and it is already 10:30pm. So, remaining on next post…

Good night folks!!!