Adi birth story – Part 2

Part 1

On 13th May, M and I left home around 10am for the regular checkup. The doctor checked and said I am dilating **rolls eyes**. That I have already dilated 2cms and should get admitted. So, I got admitted, called Amma, she reached the hospital in few hours along with paati and a big lunch box with the elaborate lunch she has cooked. She has prepared uppukandam kuzhambu  (dry mutton gravy similar like karuvadu – dry fish. It is a month long process to prepare this and my chithi (amma’s sister) prepares this every year for us) and keerai poriyal. Unfortunately, I couldn’t eat those mouthwatering stuff as I was given enigma. The baby shower bangles were removed (I love to wear those dozens of glass bangles. I went to work with those handful of glass bangles for almost a month).

We waited in the room for almost 4 to 5 hours and there was very little progress. In between, M went back to his work **rolls eyes again** I was shifted to labor room around 4pm and the wait game continued. I had contractions and bearable pain but progress was very little. I got epidural in the evening and dilated only 5cms by around 9pm. That’s when the doctor decided to do an emergency c-section as Adi’s heart beat was slowing down. So much for spending more than 6 hours in labor room. M returned in the evening and stayed with me till baby was born. I was wheeled to the theater around 10pm. I don’t know what was going on in my mind then but remember crying the moment doctor said she has to cut me open to get the baby out. The doctor made a comment that “my baby is either adamant or doesn’t want to see this world”.

The anesthesiologist did her job and soon after that I was cut open. The anesthesiologist was standing behind my head and kept repeating “you are going to see your baby in few mins. almost there..”. She was right. The pink bundle was out at 11pm. It was a girl. I asked them to bring her closer and kissed on her forehead. Then, she was taken away for cleaning and showing to people waiting outside. Amma says that Adi looked like a laddu with two eyes. That she had her eyes wide open and rolling it when she was taken outside. She was looking chubby as she didn’t have to go through any struggle to come out.

I was unconscious for some time and when I woke up, the baby was next to me. I was able to feed her with help and we stayed in the hospital for next 4 days. I had no major issues with feeding and it took me more than a month to get back to my feet. We both spent most of first two months in the A/C bedroom at home where everything was served in hand. M was worried that I am spoiling his daughter keeping her in A/C most of the time but couldn’t do much about it as it was May and peak summer. Paati stayed with us for about 2 months to help us through the initial days.

I went back to M’s home when Adi was 5 months old and joined workforce when she was 6 months old. I did exclusive BF for first 5 months and then started solids for her. Oh my, those initial days of returning to work was a nightmare. I hear you Tharani.. totally!! FIL played big role in taking care of her. I remember preparing a hour wise food timetable and sharing it with FIL when I started work. He uses that to feed Adi on time.

I have kept my work timings different for first two years. I spend the morning with Adi bathing, feeding her and leave home at 10:30am. FIL used to feed her the lunch I have kept ready on table and put her to sleep in the afternoon. Evening, he will take her for a walk and by the time they come back home and freshen up, M will be back home. I usually return past 9pm, on time to feed her dinner. This has been my routine until she turned 2.5 years old and we traveled to US.

The rest is history and I have recorded most of her childhood in this blog..

Thanks to the person who started this birth story concept. I think it was Tharani but not sure. It helped all of us to sail through a day in blogathon..

Awaiting the snow storm here. It will be an IN day for all of us tomorrow. May be some family time if all are in good and happy mood.

Happy weekend everyone!!




15 thoughts on “Adi birth story – Part 2

  1. Wow! Glad you documented this. i went and read LHB’s story as well. How nice that you had Adi with both mom and grandmom to care for you. Such a difference from postpartum care here. Also so nice that your fil fed her as per the timetable

    • hang in there T! I keep telling myself this is our only chance.. we will never get this back again so let’s do our best to the kiddo.. the satisfaction you get out of it is beyond words!

  2. Tharani was the one who started about the birth story..I too go to office @ 10:30 after giving Nemo his bath and first food..But I come back once for lunch and then to home early..Both FIL and MIL take care of him in my work hours..Too difficult for me to stay away from him..

  3. Finally, I caught up and read Adi’s birth story 🙂
    You are an inspiration for mommies like me, for managing the baby, the household and work perfectly.
    So glad all went well 😀

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