Winter wonderland

ETA: This is my 500th post 🙂

Borrowed the title from MTW’s yesterday post. Thank you MTW!!

We woke up to snow montains and as it was fresh and clean so we decided to spend sometime outdoor. LHB played to his heart’s content and in most places the snow pile was higher than him. M started clearing snow early and my neighbor lady who is single sighed “You have a husband”!!! Yeah, I do but she may not know what else comes along with it 😉 Neverthless, he did a great job with clearing the snow off our pathway and car. We had quite a few neighbors ringing our door bell asking for a shovel looking at the way he cleaned but unfortunately we borrowed from our other neighbor.

I prepared Idli for breakfast, then we skyped with parents, followed by some cleaning, cooking and washing. Kids enjoyed fish fry for lunch which made me happy and in the afternoon few hours was spent with an agent to finalize our flight tickets for summer trip to India. I am super excited about the trip. It is after 3 years 🙂

Tomorrow schools are declared holiday so I might mostly work remote. That has slowed down my evening. But, mind is restless. A cloud of thoughts are bothering and disturbing me. They are long living thoughts that surfaces now and then. Today is one such day. Some questions of life can never be answered. Why? Why? Why? I wish to put the mind to peace but it is not easy as there is no way out. It is a dark tunnel and I don’t see the light at all and no hope to see it sooner either!!!!


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