Archive | January 25, 2016

To America in bicycle

Today I realized from where I inherited something.

Amma: K (that is the first letter of my pet name called at home), Lets go to your home di
Self: But, I haven’t booked the tickets ma
Amma: Its okay. You already know to ride bicycle and we have one. So, we can go in that. You take me in doubles.
Self: But Amma I don’t know the route
Amma: Don’t worry about it. We can either follow the train track or some good souls on the way will help us. (reminded me of that autowala anna’s whom I depend upon while driving at Chennai. Anna indha left  Adyar poguma?)
Self: Ok, lets go and we set out on our journey to America in bicycle following the railway track.

Few hours later, we reach a distant country

Amma: K, I need some water di. Can you check in that shop?
Self: Bro, can we get some water please?
Shopkeeper: We don’t give it for free. Do you have money?
Self: Sorry bro. I don’t have any money. And just then Amma realizes that the shopkeeper speaks in Tamil and tries to develop the conversation with him.
Amma: Thambi, we all are from same country. Please show some mercy on this old lady. I need water to quench my thirst.
Shopkeeper: Ok ok take some!!!

Amma drinks water and we continue our journey to America in my bicycle following the railway tracks. Amma woke up before we reached the destination. It was only the two of us. No one else was there in the scene.

This was Amma’s dream last night and she shared it with me during today’s call. I guess it is the impact of telling her about my plans to visit India this summer. It is only in today’s call I confirmed the trip details to her and she is sharing this dream with me. She might have been thinking a little too much about my trip. Now, I am worried if she can hold on to that excitement for another 5 whole months. I am visiting parent’s place after six long years.

No wonder my nights are filled with wild and crazy dreams. I could not think of a night or even a nap without dream. Sometimes they haunt me so much that I even miss the time to wake up and they continue to haunt through out the day sometimes even with a headache that comes from a bad sleep. My dreams are seldom pleasant.

It is an ongoing topic between M and me that I claim to have a disturbed sleep due to dreams and M claims I slept so well that I even got dreams. Which is true? What is your take? Do you get dream like me like every single night?