Archive | January 27, 2016

Award time

Jo was kind enough to bestow me with these awards. Thank you Jo. It has been very long since I got an award. Let’s not talk about my absence in this space.


Here are the questions she asked:

  • What do you love most about the city you live now?
    • I am thinking hard. Seriously. We moved to this city around one year ago and it has not actually grown on me yet. Maybe the easy access to India groceries and restaurants. But, if you ask about US in general, I love the public libraries here and the easy access to books.
  • What did you want to be when you were a child?
    • I never thought about it but I knew it is something to do with Maths as that was my favorite subject all through school and college years. It is Aptitude mathematics skills that fetched me the first job though my current work doesn’t require mathematics skills. I always jump right into solving math involved puzzles that fall under my ability.
  • Do you collect anything? If so, what?
    • I used to during school days – fresh leaves/flowers and press them in a notebook, my bus/train tickets, recently started collecting magnets but the new refrigerator doesn’t have space for magnets so I may not collect it any more. Any suggestions as where can I place my magnets?
  • Which is (are) your favourite online shopping website(s)?
    • One and only amazon. I hardly do online shopping.
  • How do you handle a stressful day?
    • I don’t know. I always focus more on completing the tasks for the day which pretty much takes my whole day that stress goes unnoticed most of the days.
  • In your opinion, what is the best blog post you’ve written so far?
    • Not one but many. All my birthday letters to my kids and posts that talks about amma, maternal grandma, mama’s house, pongal celebrations. Any post that rekindles my childhood memory. They are treasures.
  • Can you tell me something about your dream house? (even if you already own ur dream house)
    • I like houses that are decorated with antiques at appropriate places but to me a dream house will be any house that is spic and span and has my loved ones. The minute I think of a beautiful house, the fear of maintaining and cleaning it occupies my mind more than its beauty. This is what Us of A offers you. Scrubbing and cleaning yourself.
  • What is your favorite social media?
    • WordPress.
  • When are you homesick?
    • When am I not? Seriously?
  • Three things you like about India in three words.
    • I will write about Chennai as to me Chennai is my India. Have not ventured much into other states of India.
      • Life. Chennai is where my heart and life is. That sense of calmness when I land there is irreplaceable.
      • People. people everywhere. It is hard to see anyone on the road when you step outside. But, in India I can see at least 10 people anytime I step out. I like crowd.
      • Access to places. I feel I am more independent at Chennai and I can go where ever I want to with less dependency. Thanks to my Alto.
  • What do you like more: sunshine or snow?
    • Sunshine always.

I enjoyed answering these questions. Thank you again Jo. My blog circle is limited and Jo has already nominated most of them I know. So, skipping the nomination part.