Archive | January 30, 2016

Rant and my latest favorites

I had this post drafted couple of days ago. It is a compilation of my latest favorite tamil songs. I want to share it but at the same time now I want to rant too. So, let me just do both. First is the rant followed by the songs.

Today is one of the hardest day. I got to put my butt down only at 10pm after running since 7:30am.  So, this is how the day unfolded.

Woke up at 7:30am, spent some time with LHB, made pancakes and scrambled egg with veggies (MTW – inspired from you) for breakfast, fed LHB, made tea, cooked quick lunch with some leftover, went to drop Adi at her class, went to gym, came back home, fed lunch to LHB and Adi, took the kids to library, marathon run to four shops to do weekly groceries, order birthday cake and fix goodie bags/snacks for LHB’s birthday party at school, came back home, took bath, read books to LHB, put him to sleep, pulled myself out of the bed reluctantly with great effort, wash two loads of laundry, sort out the things bought from store, wash/soak rice/dal for idli batter, wash/soak grains for tomorrow’s breakfast, make salad for my dinner, boil milk for curd, load dryer and finally sit down in the couch at 10pm with my salad. Tomorrow is no better. I already have a list of to-dos. Sighh!!!

And another worry is the phone. It is behaving strange since yesterday. The battery drains pretty quick and doesn’t get charged sometimes. I have to do some tricks to make it charge only to see it drain in less than an hour. I was nervous today to be on road with kids and a dead phone. What if something unexpected happens? Just the thought of it sends chills down my spine. Hope I get it fixed sooner.

If you are reading till here, thank you for listening to my rant. I am overwhelmed with this constant running. Just hope that I don’t shutdown abruptly. I cannot afford to stop. It will cost me too much that even some of life decisions may require revisit. But, I really don’t know how long will I be able to run like this. I need more strength.

Now, my top 10 favorite list from recent movies in no particular order. I am sure I would have missed few more but this is the list that came to my mind today.