Archive | January 31, 2016

Staring at the screen

for more than 20 minutes and don’t know what to write. I am totally blank. I have few posts in draft but don’t want to post any of them.

ETA: I was re-reading this post and thought I have finished it abruptly. So, editing again to add some more details.

This year I didn’t find it difficult to do blogathon unlike previous years where I get panic, have few posts ready in draft, schedule my posts ahead of time. So much of planning. This year, I didn’t struggle much and just wrote the posts on the fly at night. May be because, most of the days I just went with the flow and chose to write about my day. More importantly the WP app in phone helped a lot to catch up on posts and write while in transit. Thanks to my readers who have introduced me to this app.

Thank you Maya for facilitating this year’s blogathon. It was definitely fun and I enjoyed reading all fellow bloggers posts. New friends, new learning, lighter moments, virtual hugs, feeling good with comments and what not. Like I have mentioned before, blogging has become an emotion for me.

It was also my own personal time in everyday’s crazy schedule and I seem to appreciate this tiny break from regular work, something that I do to my inner self and all that.

I hope to write more often. It is okay if I don’t, I can always catch up in next blogathon 😉

I remember how doubtful I was when Maya approached me about participating in blogathon. My confidence level was less than 25% to complete it. But, just started it for the sheer joy of reading fellow bloggers and not to give up this yearly tradition that I am part of for past 3 years. This is like a yearly virtual meetup for me and I will not miss it unless I have a concrete reason to justify like the world has ended 🙂

This was a great beginning and I wish you all a wonderful rest of the year. A big applause to all bloggers who have attempted this blogathon.

Let us please continue with this tradition in the years to come..

Take care all!!