My precious evening

Today my precious evening was spent on the stranded train not for few minutes or an hour but for close to 3 hours. As the News says, a trespasser was fatally struck by the train that was ahead of our train and the rest of the train on all the tracks in both directions were stranded until all was cleared.

Our train had to back off couple of stations to switch tracks. I left work at 6pm and reached home at 10:30pm. The lighter side is I read few newspapers back to back after so many years. A co passenger was kind enough to pass it on to others once he was done reading them all. Eventually, we were tired of staring at each other for a prolonged time period. Poor fellows were those who couldn’t secure a seat.

Luckily my neighbor was travelling in the same train and she offered to drop me home. Otherwise I would have spent another 30 minutes on the road hunting for a cab or M had to come to pick me up with sleepy kids..

Ouchhh my back is breaking!!!! I don’t know if it was an accident or intentional. Whatever it is, may his/her soul rest in peace.

I sincerely hope the weather acts as predicted this time so that I can stay at home tomorrow. Hey Snow please don’t fail me.. pretty please… I am becoming worse than a school kid these days looking for holidays and closings!!! I am sleep deprived and it is better to stop here!

ETA: I am not able to sleep thinking about the fatality. What must that person have gone through during his/her last moments. This always crosses my mind whenever I hear about someone losing their life. Would he/she have expected this ending when today dawned? Would that person have a family? Especially small kids whose future is in this person’s hands. What if that person is the only bread winner of his/her family? I pray God that it should not be someone I know of. It will not be as I don’t know anyone from that area.

The memories of this day from last year was bothering me deeply since I woke up and was hoping for today to end as any other normal day. But as I feared something bad has happened though I was not impacted first hand. It’s past 12 and I am not able to sleep yet. I feel so disturbed…

8 thoughts on “My precious evening

  1. Big hugs Ani. I dread a lot thinking about someone’s last moments too. So I totally understand you and stay strong. Though the day was not great and something bad did happen, let it not spoil you mind. Here’s hoping everything would be better soon.

  2. Aww! Hugs Ani! As GB said, don’t let this spoil your mind..

    And, I am also waiting for snow days like a kid. I don’t know why… But this year we haven’t been getting that much snow fall… I only await more snow 😛

  3. As a fellow human its natural for us to feel the way you felt , thats why they say live each minemt fully coz future is so uncertain…

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