I was waiting for January to be born to start with my workout regime. There new year was born and I duly signed up with the gym near my home. This sales girl who signed me up was an inspiration. She shared her story of transformation from being a late riser to hitting gym at 5am before heading to work at the city. So I started going to gym just so that I can wave proudly at this high energetic girl. She was excited to see me every time or so she pretended. I should remember the reality that she is a sales person and I am just one of her client.

I was struggling to fit in the gym routine in daily schedule. I went at 9pm on some days, skipped on some days, made it in the evening on some days. basically was dragging myself. That is when M gave me an ultimatum that it is tough for him to manage kids when I am away, that I should go to gym when they are not awake. M is the only man who can push me beyond my ability. Should I thank him or what? I was sleeping on that thought and it actually made sense as I always fantacize this thought of finishing all my work when kids are asleep and being available to them when they are around. It was the same time around BM posted about her decision of waking up at 4:30am starting 1st Feb.

That is it. I made an impulse decision to wake up at 4:30am and go to gym at 5a m starting 1st Feb. It was tough. I am not a morning person at all and have epic failure past records with this waking up early thingie. Again I skipped few days, dismissed the alarm on some days, slept through the weekends but didn’t give up completely. I started attending the group class at 5:30am on alternate days. What surprises me the most is the people who come to gym that early. On any given day I was seeing at least 10 people at that odd hour. May be it was odd hour for me. I have been following it for close to 3 weeks now and it has not become a habit yet but I am not quitting soon either. As I put LHB to sleep these days we go to bed by 9pm, read some books and sleep by 9:30pm. I need my 7 hours of sleep to remain sane.

Why am I typing all this today? Coz today morning I woke up suddenly, thought it was too late and grabbed my mobile to check the time. Have you guessed the time?

To be continued…


8 thoughts on “4:30

  1. Great going girl !! That’s awesome… Wish I could get up as early but when I look at the clock and see 5am I pull the covers and feel happy that I have another hour to dream… I’m shameless:(

  2. Well done Ani ✌️
    Failures are proof that you are trying, stay put.
    As far 4:30 am being an odd hour, yes it certainly is (I’m a morning person and have never in my life woken up later than 6:30am still I say so).
    But, giving fitness it’s due time is worth the pain.

    • thank you ME.. I remember reading about you being a morning person.. I wish I can be like you.. 6:30 is early for me.. I have to admit that I have even woken up past 9 on weekends. on days when I am awake past midnight the previous night either watching movie or randomly browsing..

    • I have hidden my face so many times in the past BM.. Thanks to you as your post was also one of the triggering point for me. I have not reached there yet but only trying to set some realistic change..
      You will get there some day..good luck..

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