Archive | February 28, 2016

First birthday party

So the little boy got his first birthday party invitation from his school and we attended it promptly. It seems like the birthday boy and his brother used to mention LHB’s name very often and so we got invited. Adi joined too though she was not so sure about what to do among a bunch of toddlers. She was scared that she may have to sit in circle and sing rhymes. But, it was not that bad. We had food, played car/trucks, some board games and solved jumbo world map puzzle.

It was a police themed party. The parents has done a nice job with the theme. They used not so expensive materials to decorate their home based on the theme. There was police badge for all kids and they played pin the badge game. I didn’t try to socialize. Instead spent the time with Adi and LHB playing different games.

This is the birthday invite. I am giving up trying to tilt the image. If anyone knows the trick please let me know.



That is LHB trying to pin the badge. The little fella has taken the first big step and is going to fill my calendar with his own schedules very soon 🙂