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For the records

All day this week I woke up at 4:45am promptly, checked emails, sat down on the bed for few mins and then went back to sleep and woke up late than usual time. I thought I should record this in the medium where I wrote proudly about the new routine of waking up early. Every night I resolve to myself to wake up early next day only to fail.

Tomorrow I promise to myself again. Lets see… I hope not to give up so soon 😦

Believe in fairies

One of the molar decided to fall down yesterday night precisely at 9pm and we were looking forward to the tooth fairy not because we believe in her but because it involves money business.

I asked her “do you believe in tooth fairy pappa?” and this was her reply verbatim

I know it is one of you guys but I just pretend to believe and play along as believing it means gift and money.

Seriously? I doubt if I was this smart even at my late 20s after mothering two kids or even now!!!

The tooth fairy didn’t come last night. It was too tired you know. May be tonight.. Lets see..


Battle of the classes was conducted by Adi’s school last week. Fun competitions organized between 4 groups (6th, 7th, 8th graders and teachers).

Adi signed up and was selected for the 6th grade battle group. She got 2nd place in jello eating challenge and her dance troop won first place. I was amazed to see their dance moves. It was choreographed by themselves. There was other fun challenges too like popping the balloon, relay race in dressing up the partner etc.. It was total fun and I am glad I was able to make some time to go see them.

Small joys

That feel good moment is something that does wonders to human mind. At least it has greater impact on me. I can easily fall for kind words. Just a small appreciation from co-worker lifts up the mood instantly. Today I was blessed to have such moments.

One of my team member sent this message to me after attending a “Leadership talk” session.

“LEADERSHIP is taking responsibility for enabling others to achieve purpose in the face of uncertainty”
This was in the talk now
I could think of you
Thank you!
We had our scheduled one on one later and I could see that she looks up to me as a mentor more than her leader. I hope to live up to that expectation.

And then I was about step out to the pantry and caught by my scrum master on the way. He was asking me about something work related and I explained it to him. He was all praises after that and a colleague joined too. They were impressed with my work style in many aspects and were saying my family is blessed to have me. My mind was saying if only they can visit my family and hear their side of the story!!!

Anyways, these moments will be cherished and with whom will I share the joy? Of course you all 🙂

What I am doing at work is not rocket science and it can be easily done by anyone with my work experience but these impromptu appreciations definitely does wonders and made me feel good for some time.