Believe in fairies

One of the molar decided to fall down yesterday night precisely at 9pm and we were looking forward to the tooth fairy not because we believe in her but because it involves money business.

I asked her “do you believe in tooth fairy pappa?” and this was her reply verbatim

I know it is one of you guys but I just pretend to believe and play along as believing it means gift and money.

Seriously? I doubt if I was this smart even at my late 20s after mothering two kids or even now!!!

The tooth fairy didn’t come last night. It was too tired you know. May be tonight.. Lets see..


10 thoughts on “Believe in fairies

  1. Talk about kids getting wiser by the day. Even Pari leaves me thinking on the same lines day-in-day-out.
    Dear tooth fairy, be good and pay darling Adi a visit ASAP 😉

  2. I am sure she is plodding along. Got a lot of kids to visit. .

    But you are right kids are very intelligent these days .. I was a dumbo well i still am.. ☺☺

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