Archive | April 4, 2016


After almost 4 months, here is my new kitchen. The credit goes to M for all his efforts and hard work. I had very little to contribute except for giving ideas and choosing designs. Countless work from homes and some days even leaving work just minutes after reaching just because the contractor has showed up. He took it all to himself. I couldn’t help much as 1. I could not get the work from the contractors as he does. 2. I don’t have that luxury of working from home often in current job.

It all started during first week of December when next door’s dishwasher broke and all the water decided to overflow to our kitchen. result? the kitchen cabinets and floors were damaged and we had to replace them. Floors had to be replaced at living room too as kitchen is an extension of living room.

We were hoping to get the work complete by end of December during the holidays, but the contractor gave tough time. He will come at his own time when he feels like and doesn’t even gives heads up. Definitely we ended up with the wrong guy and as expected he quit with half done job. We had to get another contractor to finish the job.

It was hard with no range for almost three weeks and no sink/counter top for more than a month.

Here it is finally after four months of hardship..


Can you see the wine glass holder above sink, the small open cabinet on right side to keep my spice bottles and the open corner shelf?

You can see the open small cabinet better in below picture. The door knobs were specially ordered and I fall in love with them every time I see them.


Other new additions are

1. Water filter next to sink tap for drinking water (especially for Adi who doesn’t like drinking from filter jug and solves my problem too of refilling the jug)
2. Brushed bronze finish coffee cup holder
3. Wusthof knife set.
4. Plug points were changed to bushed bronze finish cover.
5. Battery operated lights under the cup board at random spots.
6. Microwave moved above range.
7. Paper towel holder under the corner cabinet.
8. Pull out trash on the cabinet under sink
9. Small lazy susan at the bottom right corner next to dish washer.
10. Small pull out drawer between the sink and trash cabinet to keep dish wash scrubs.
11. Back splash was carefully chosen to complement the granite and cabinet colors.
12. Crown molding on the ceiling above cabinets.
13. Door on door, double door refrigerator with freezer at the bottom.

Phew.. So much planning to make best use of our tiny space in the way I wanted. I must admit that countless visits to Home depot and Lowes paid off well though the entire  journey was very tiring.

The second from top of the open shelf is a glass jar with different color of pulses stacked up. Adi and I did this together. I am yet to find a perfect fit for one of the open shelf. I am also planning for few more additions/modifications to the counter top. Compatible spice rack may be to replace my Indianized spice box (that blue colored tupperware anjarai petti)? One at a time. No rush!! Please share if you have any ideas for counter top. I want to remove that dish rack but don’t know where to keep those dishes for easy access. I want to keep as little as possible on counter top.

My other biggest addition is the pooja corner. More on that in next post 🙂