Archive | April 27, 2016

Thank you!

A big thanks to all of you who have wished me to get well soon. Thankfully, it was not a fracture. Something in between fracture and swelling. The doctor called it as “bone bruise”.  whatever.. I am able to move my finger enough to type and do all basic work with no pain so back to the daily grind.

Thanks to M who took charge of my duties.

Thanks to the colleague who literally snatched my laptop and acted as my stenographer to draft emails.

Thanks to Mr.X who spared his seat to me in train.

Thanks to the random colleagues who offered to open my lunch dabba, who carried my laptop to meeting rooms, who helped to fill water in my bottle.

Yet again I realized that life has its own way of teaching us the importance of something when it is not available. Not even the tip of a finger can be taken for granted. Every muscle, nerve and bone in our body is precious and I should count my blessings for having all of them intact!

A big salute to all those who have physical challenges and carry the mental strength to lead life with a smile on their face.