Archive | June 2016

Adi’s poem

Prompt was to write about some object that has a special meaning.

She wrote about the package I received from my work when LHB was sick last year.

Ode to my brother’s stuffed bear

My brother’s stuffed bear is important and unique,
It made my brother grin after 6 weeks,
With smears of chocolate all over his face,
And it all started one rainy day,
My soggy cereal was waiting untouched,
The doorbell rang and I got up,
I opened the door and was surprised to see,
There was nothing there but a package and me,
I called my mom and opened the note,
It said it was from my mom’s office and inside was the tote,
There was a balloon, a bear, some chocolate and more,
And I saw this all when I opened door,
The bear was very furry and smooth,
All I knew was that we would be moved,
When I gave it to him, he smiled with glee,
And my mom walked in with a cup of tea,
The bear had brightened my brother’s day,
The bear smiled at my brother like a blue jay,
A tiny little thing brought such joy,
To my brother though he is as little as a toy.