May be

The train doors were shut on my face today morning and the next train was after 20 mins. I hate it to the core when such a thing happens in the morning especially after you run like a dog to reach the platform to only see the door shut.

What did I do next? Sit on the station bench and start crying in public shamelessly.  Will I ever ever learn to control my tears?

Called M and gave him a piece of my mind. It was a monologue of course.

Why did I cry?

May be because I woke up early to catch the earlier train but still missed it by microseconds.

May be because M locked himself up in the bathroom for prolonged time with his phone in hand while I was juggling in between the morning rush

May be because Adi yelled at the top her voice when I attempted to give a good luck hug for her Math test today

May be because I am always in the mode of catching up with anything and everything rather than being ahead

May be because I am still struggling hard to spend quality time with LHB

May be because I am not able to function normal with 5 or 6 hours of sleep. I need my 8 hours of sleep every single damn night.

May be because I am not able to wake up early in the morning

May be because I am not able to make good progress on the book I so want to read and I have already renewed it once.

May be because I have been following this diet for around 2 months and don’t see any change in terms of weight reduction

And the icing on the cake is my neighbor who never boards at the station where I board caught me at the station with welled up eyes and I had to pretend to have caught cold. Sighh!!! When you are in a s**t, it only gets worse.

Whatever, I have gulped it all down and moved on to tackle the rest of my day. Nothing slows down for you. You don’t have a choice but to move on. Also, there is two things that made me smile. One, my all girls whatsapp group who are always there to listen where I vent out and another is below notification that I saw today morning, that reminded me that I used to vent out in this space too long long ago, so long ago…


How have you all been? Now that LHB is growing, I want to get back to regular blogging to record all his cuteness. He is at this stage of cuteness overloaded and amazes us every single day with something new.





12 thoughts on “May be

    • I did get some rest and sleep over the weekend but not to my satisfaction 🙂 We have again started a small project at home so running behind the contractors.. I have clearly told M that we are good with condo for the rest of our life. Pheww!! How have you been MTW? I remember we booked tickets to India at same time. How was your vacation? I must start visiting blogs.. soon soon.. take care!

  1. Hugs hugs hugs, Ani. Some days suck but you’ll wade through it. Anyway, happy happy anniversary to Ani’s nest. Here’s to more LHB’s antics being posted here! 🙂

  2. Oh ho.. hey weekend.. so u don’t have to rush to get the train.

    You take care and HOW ARE YOU..

    Congratulations on the 7 years.. wowow
    . Here swishing many many more years ..

    And good to see you post…Take care..

  3. Some days are like that. We all go through this at times. Anyways, in a way its good, it got you back here 😉 .Been checking this place for a while now for newer posts!
    Hope you are having a good weekend.

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