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Diwali 2016

“We” made Asoka (moong dal halwa), Murukku and Ribbon pakoda for this Diwali. Guess I don’t have to explain much as why the we is in quotes 😉

Friend’s family visited us for lunch. It was an elaborate veg platter and my cooking aunty cooked most of the dishes. She is of great help to me these days. We call her on weekend to cook veggies of our choice for next week. That is one less worry on week days.

Lunch menu:
Veg biriyani
Potato peas kuruma
Drumstick leaves sambar
Stuffed brinjal fry
Mushroom gravy
Spinach poriyal
Cauliflower gravy
Onion raita
Mint chutney
Masala vadai
White rice

Evening, visited Krishnan temple nearby, the only place in NJ where they allow to burst firecrackers. We had to wait in line for about 30 mins each to buy crackers  and then to have darshan. There was smoke all around and it was not a great experience. It was even hard to breathe for kids after sometime. But, can be considered as an experience for kids to burst firecrackers. There was so much crowd that we had to park car a mile away and take temple operated bus to reach the temple.






Something that Adi has been learning for a while now but I always felt she didn’t have a chance to showcase or channel it in the right way.

Last week, she auditioned for school jazz band and made it to the junior band as a jazz pionist. Sounds jazzy yeah!!

When I was about to claim for a part of this milstone, my loving family, the father and daughter duo grounded me. What? what did you do? I practied hard and Appa dropped, waited, picked me up from the class every week. What do you claim for?

Well that’s true baby but it was Amma who sow the seed. I found this current amazing teacher living 15 mins away, worked with him to finalize a slot, was in touch with him to arrange/rearrange class timings, get feedback. I was playing my best from back stage baby. For those who have watched the tamil movie “Devar magan” – Vedhai naan pottadhu kanamma..

Whatever in her tone!!! I reminded her that this is just the beginning to a new journey. Wishing the best to the little girl. She was overwhelmed not when she got to know that she has been selected but when her Amma told she can buy anything ANYTHING that she wants. She had questions like “Does it have to be something to eat? Does it have to be from this shop? Does it have to be bought today? I said you can buy anything, anyday but I want you to tag it to this milestone so that you will have it in memory forever. That it what I am doing now. Writing a post for posterity sake.

She settled with this



IMC stall

Trying to get back to blogging for a while now but clearly its not happening. I want to get back to record the overloaded cuteness of LHB.. He is surprising us every day with something new and I would be framed as a biased mother by time as approximately this is the age I started this blog to record Adi’s cuteness. Alright, I will save this for my next post.

Last weekend, LHB’s school arranged for a Fall fair, an all day event with vendor stalls, food and fun activites. You guessed it right! So, I thought this would be a better event to put up a stall to showcase IMC treasure box. IMC team and myself worked on the logistics. They mailed me all that was needed for the stall and there we put up a stall at Advik school’s Fall fair. Many were interested with this concept. Even some high school kids parents stopped by to learn the concept and took flyers to share with their friends.

And, if you are not aware, IMC is conducting a festival of south asian children’s content on 5th Nov at West coast (Milpitas, CA). Interested localities do checkout their FB page for more details –

The girl in the first pic is my big girl helping mommy to setup 🙂 Thanks to M who engaged LHB all day while I was at the stall.