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Happiness is

Looking at this poster displayed in the train during my daily commute. That care free laughter in everyone’s face makes me smile and feel peaceful. It grabs my attention every single day and I take a closer look at each face in the picture before my eyes moves off to something else. Imagine how many takes it would have taken for the photographer to get this shot with most of them in the air..

Look at that old man with glasses (2nd in right), that small boy (3rd in left). There is something magical in this poster. There are numerous ways to advertise a shirt. How did someone come up with this idea? Its a poster filled with happiness and hats off to the brain behind this.




the sulking is still on going, actually taking ugly twists and turns, haunting me with past memories. Don’t know where it’s taking me to..  Add to that, I was not keeping well and took a sick day off on Tuesday.

I couldn’t get off the bed but managed to get up, sent the rest of the clan out of home to follow their daily schedule and lied down on the couch. Slept for a while and guess what I did after that?

I cleaned the living room, kitchen, not a deep one but at least put things back at their designated places and then cooked for about 2-3 hours. Did all the cutting and sautee-ing trying to keep myself up and not pass out in the middle of chores.

I was feeling damn tired all day but this cleaning gave me such a high.Took Adi for her piano class in the evening, LHB and I spent  quality time for about an hour during the wait time. The 3 of us had good chat during the drive. We discussed about the super moon and took some pics of the beauty though my phone camera didn’t do justice to her beauty. LHB gets involved in most of the car conversation these days and it is so cute to hear him share his opinion about the topic!

Felt so satisfied by end of day despite all that body pain and nose block. Cleaning seems to be my therapy but I do have some condition around that. I have to be home alone while cleaning. I don’t like to have people around while indulging in my ultimate therapy.

#self analysis


IT started

The pink vs blue struggle..

LHB: Amma, I want a piggy bank!!
Amma: Ok sure da. what type do you want?
LHB: I want a blue one.
Amma: A blue? Why don’t you get a pink one kutty?
LHB: Ammaaa pink is for girlzzz!!! I am a  boy and I get a blue one.

We never never talk about pink and blue at home. Infact, his blankie used for nap time is a complete plain pink one.

From where does he learn? So, the community around doesn’t help either I guess!!! I rest my case!!


Its a never ending story of my life.

Something happens to you which is totally unacceptable (almost close to committing a sin) in your life book. You give it a deep thought for extended time, decide to make peace with it to maintain your sanity, move on and think all is good.

But then on a random day something trivial triggers your thoughts and all those memories from past that you made peace with gushes over and makes you feel terrible. You sulk as if everything is over. It takes few days for self healing and then you choose (of course for lack of other choice) to move on.

But then that random day happens all over again!!!!

And during this terrible period, I become a cry baby. My eyes well up instantly. That emotional hormone works overtime. One half of me tells that it is okay to cry as that makes me feel better. The other half of me tells that I should learn to control my tears at least not to shed in public. I can surely avoid that shameful moment when tears roll down my cheeks and the offspring notices it. He goes “Amma is cryyyyiinngggg” why ma? why ma?  I stand mute and helpless!!!

Have you been there? How to handle this?

Puzzle time

Glad to share that LHB solved below puzzle mostly by himself. I was amazed at the way he matched the shapes to fit them. He was getting cranky and uncontrollable when failed but was doing better with proper guidance.

We first did the red bird, then yellow bird, then the stars, followed by letters and finally put them all together. Wasn’t that bad. I love this puzzle time with him!!

Screen Shot 2016-11-11 at 9.20.28 AM.png

He is now entering into this “all by myself” stage. God save us!!


US Election 2016

Conversation with the 3.75 yrs old during today’s morning drive

Amma: Kutty, today is election da!! who will you cast your vote for?
LHB: (with no second thought screamed) Appa!!!

Appa was of course brimming with pride.

On a different note, I am happy to start the “just4smile” category for LHB. Had a similar category for Adi in this blog when she was of his age.. Hope the kids will appreciate this blog when they grow up.

I am sure I would enjoy reading and re-reading these memories when they fly away from anisnest..

Pinch and quack

That is how LHB learned to write. I switched his school this year. It has been just two months and I already fell in love with this teacher. Her teaching method is amazing. So, one evening in my vague attempt to make LHB write I randomly asked him, do you know how to hold a pencil da? His instant reply was “Yessss Amma!! You have to pinch the pencil and quack. It was so cute to see how he did this. Also, the teacher suggested to highlight the letter so it makes it easier for the kid to trace. There began our writing saga. We trace A’s and 1’s whenever possible now. Amma wants to make it every evening routine but whenever possible seems more realistic for now!

It just takes about 20 minutes for Amma to make him trace two A. We trace to showcase to each car we own. So, if Amma wants him to trace A 5 times, she needs to find 5 car/truck around the home and line them up so the big boss can trace one letter for each of them. Basically, we teach them you know!!


And we don’t have a proper position to sit and write, we twist, turn, lie down flat and sometimes even pretend sleep and snore to avoid the situation as much as possible..

Happy writing kutty!!