Archive | November 6, 2016

Pinch and quack

That is how LHB learned to write. I switched his school this year. It has been just two months and I already fell in love with this teacher. Her teaching method is amazing. So, one evening in my vague attempt to make LHB write I randomly asked him, do you know how to hold a pencil da? His instant reply was “Yessss Amma!! You have to pinch the pencil and quack. It was so cute to see how he did this. Also, the teacher suggested to highlight the letter so it makes it easier for the kid to trace. There began our writing saga. We trace A’s and 1’s whenever possible now. Amma wants to make it every evening routine but whenever possible seems more realistic for now!

It just takes about 20 minutes for Amma to make him trace two A. We trace to showcase to each car we own. So, if Amma wants him to trace A 5 times, she needs to find 5 car/truck around the home and line them up so the big boss can trace one letter for each of them. Basically, we teach them you know!!


And we don’t have a proper position to sit and write, we twist, turn, lie down flat and sometimes even pretend sleep and snore to avoid the situation as much as possible..

Happy writing kutty!!