Archive | November 15, 2016


Its a never ending story of my life.

Something happens to you which is totally unacceptable (almost close to committing a sin) in your life book. You give it a deep thought for extended time, decide to make peace with it to maintain your sanity, move on and think all is good.

But then on a random day something trivial triggers your thoughts and all those memories from past that you made peace with gushes over and makes you feel terrible. You sulk as if everything is over. It takes few days for self healing and then you choose (of course for lack of other choice) to move on.

But then that random day happens all over again!!!!

And during this terrible period, I become a cry baby. My eyes well up instantly. That emotional hormone works overtime. One half of me tells that it is okay to cry as that makes me feel better. The other half of me tells that I should learn to control my tears at least not to shed in public. I can surely avoid that shameful moment when tears roll down my cheeks and the offspring notices it. He goes “Amma is cryyyyiinngggg” why ma? why ma?  I stand mute and helpless!!!

Have you been there? How to handle this?