Archive | December 15, 2016

It’s good

It is good to keep running with zilch rest to the mind. It helps in a great way to stay away from negative thoughts.

Life is playing its best with a lot of good and bad in equal measure. A perfect balance is how I should take it. Being graceful to both the world is what makes me who I am. It is not that phase of life to emphasize on me and my identity.  Duties and responsibilities take the priority.  A paradigm shift is all it takes to be zen like.

Its feels amazing to realize how the mind works. Evil at one moment and good at the very next moment. I prefer my mind to act sensible and see the good side of the situation most of the times.

I have this coffee dabba in my kitchen that says “Keep calm and carry on”. That is exactly what I need to follow now! Take in all the good and bad, keep calm and carry on!! Sounds cool and jazzy!!! I need all the strength to follow this as this is not going to be a easy journey given my nature.

There is so much goodness happening around that it is seriously not worth to focus and spend the calories on negativity. It deserves to be ignored.

Am I making any sense? Confusing? Please feel free to skip this post. Its more of a self introspection to come back and read when the mind plays its game.