Archive | January 1, 2017

Happy New Year 2017

Wishing you all a wonderful and happy new year 2017. May this year bring you all happiness in abundance and keep you in good health.

Like every year, this year too my goals remain the same. To be a better human to whoever I cross path in life. Humanity is something that this world needs big time now! Be considerate, respect others and self. Everything else will fall in place.

We went to temple yesterday morning and then friend’s family visited us in the evening. My new year started with lots of cooking but was happy to host them. We were chatting non stop and had a good time over all.

Adi wanted to be awake till 12am. She was lying down on the couch barely able to open her eyes around 11:30pm but refused to give up and go to bed. LHB was in full energy. We were watching comedy videos, laughing out loud and then switched to watch NY ball drop few mins before 12. Went to bed around 1am after welcoming the new year.

Food list:
Yesterday’s dinner:
Apple walnut stuffed puff
Egg puff
Paneer tikka masala
Fried eggs

Breakfast – poori/potato masala
Ghee rice (made with coconut milk)
Mutton gravy
Mutton liver fry
Fish fry
White rice

We had lunch by sitting around on the floor. It has been a long time I had a meal like this. This is my favorite way to have family meals. No better way to start a new year.

I hope this year treats us well. Wishing you all the best too!!