My little pooja corner

Let the first second post on this new year be an auspicious one. All my readers take a moment to look at my pooja corner and pray for this year. May all your prayers be answered.

This was part of our kitchen remodeling work and this was the major reason for the delay in finishing the kitchen work. A small change from pre-designed cabinets made the contractor act like as if he is customizing everything for us.

Thanks to Lavender for this awesome idea. We decided to make our own pooja corner. Our initial plan was to add door and cut bell shaped holes on the door to hang bells. But, the contractor took more than a month to add door and by then I started liking this setup. So, we added the bells on top. A friend helped to bring the bells from India (Amma shipped it to the friend).

The top most part is upside down of wall mount shelf and the decorator is from Lowe’s. Adi painted the tip with gold and glitter for shining kumbha effect.

I made few purchases during India visit (silver coated god with frame), brass lamp, flower pot and all that. The designs around the shelf was made with white fabric marker purchased from Amazon. The big brass lamp needs special mention as it was a custom order from a local paathira store at my hometown and I must thank Amma as she made the sales girl bring the model from inside inventory.

I love this small corner of my home and it reminds me of how I used to spend some time in pooja room after head bath before marriage. Amma usually buys few strands of flower specifically for God. After head bath usually on weekend, I will sit in front of the pooja cabinet, take my own time to cut the flowers into small pieces to fit for all frames, lit lamp, incense sticks and close my eyes for some time. Bliss it was. It took almost 12 years to recreate this same environment again.




29 thoughts on “My little pooja corner

  1. Super Ani..Very nice. Love it. I have my Pooja corner in a book shelf. Each and every year, parents added stuff and now the entire Almirah is full. 😄I just bought bells last week. Need to start the drilling work.

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