2016 in a nutshell

Let’s see how 2016 treated me and my family

We started the year with kitchen remodeling. I enjoy working in my kitchen now and it came out just the way I wanted with perfect spots for every tiny item. Thanks for M for handling the execution.

That big white cookie jar was a gift M received from his secret santa at work. The pulses jar was made by Adi and me with a simple glass jar. Do you see that black box I mentioned in one of the earlier post that says “Keep calm and carry on”. That’s the tiny corner of my tiny kitchen.


Then, India trip this summer. It was different. M and I took turns and kept kids at India for the whole summer. This was the first time I was flying straight to my hometown where my parents live and in-laws also moved there last year. More on India trip in a separate post. We have the whole month **evil laughter**

This is the first year I was able to wake up at 430 am and go to gym though I couldn’t continue it for longer. There was more break than the gym visit. Nevertheless, I am proud as I took that first step. Then, this diet I started this year which I am still continuing though with lot of cheating. More on diet later too. I did take my health/weight a little serious this year though results were not significant. No more excuses as 40 is dancing around the fourth street corner.

I made a big decision at work after the summer trip. I switched to front end team and joined development team to get my hands dirty on some of the latest trendy technologies. Its tough but feels great to learn new stuff every day.

LHB started PreK in a private school, Adi got selected in Jazz band to play piano, Adi sang Carnatic songs during golu visits, she did an in house concert at her teacher’s home and we made few trips towards end of the year.

Touchwood!! There hasn’t been any major health issues or shifting unlike previous years. A silent prayer for that!

I like it or not, I see some change in myself which I don’t know is good or bad. I just decided to go with the flow. And not to spend my calories on things/people that doesn’t need my attention.


I am not looking for anything specific in 2017. Just take it as it comes. All I pray for is good health, good heath and good health of family and friends.

Welcome 2017!!


14 thoughts on “2016 in a nutshell

    • Thanks to M for pushing me to this 4:30 schedule.. I started it just like that on a Monday.. I came to Chennai only for 3 days and it was super hectic Tharani so was not able to meet.. Thank you for your wishes..

  1. Kitchen is an inspiration! Looks wonderful. Work front seems to be a challenge. All the best to you! I am almost ready to give up and decide this stress is not worth it. As for good health good health and more good health- completely agree!

  2. Love the pulses jar you too creative girls made and kudos to you for sticking to the diet plan in your way. It all adds up to make a difference in the long run.
    Can’t wait for Summer trip updates and sending loads of love and good wishes for you and your family.
    Wow! LHB is already ready to start going to school.
    Hugs & kisses to the Jazzy Adi and sweetheart LHB ❤

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