Gyan from 2016

A big realization and learning during the last leg of 2016 is “Do not attempt to do/say something to someone if they are not ready to receive it even if it is for their good. You will be criticized instead of being appreciated that will leave a bad taste in your mouth. Not everyone around you need you or your opinion.

Focus on those who acknowledges your efforts. In simple tamil words “thevai illama ajar aaga kudadhu” (rough translation – don’t be a witness unless you are really needed by the jury). Basically, keep your mouth shut unless your opinion is asked for. Spend that energy on something else positive.

A typical day is not enough to focus on priorities that needs undivided attention and to learn new things, then why to stress with other things? Let it go!! Let it go!! It definitely does good to inner self.

It is my nature to go above and beyond in offering help but it is time to accept that not everyone needs it and a hand offered without ask will mostly be criticized. Talk less. Save those calories to chat with like minded people who doesn’t judge you.

So, my word sentence for 2017 is “Let it go and put efforts only on things/people that is looking for my attention. Don’t even attempt to spend even half a calorie on other things. It is totally not worth it!!!”. Phew, that is a long sentence. Wish I could take it more serious this year.


6 thoughts on “Gyan from 2016

  1. Yes even I need to learn to not waste time unnecessarily on people who don’t matter. Hope we achieve it in 2017. Start reading Ani. It will give you a break from all the stress 🙂

  2. Take a pack of biscuits or some noruks. Whenever you feel like talking to those kinds ppl, immediately take it out and start munching. Stuff three four at a time to stop talking.

    You are welcome

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