Happiness is

Misplacing the phone happens at least once in a week. But luckily I have always got it back after some searching. So, this is the story of one such day.

Cut to lunch time at work. We had lunch at common table, then I placed left over chutney in the refrigerator, washed my boxes (I do it these days to save space in my dish washer for other dishes), grabbed some hot water and went back to my desk. It is only after that I realized that I have misplaced the phone.

Borrowed colleague’s phone and called but couldn’t hear any sound in the vicinity. I was sure I had phone in my hand before going for lunch. So where did it go? I strolled through the whole floor, all the spots I have been to during lunch time continuously calling the phone.

Wandered around for a while but no luck. Then came the “I feel lucky” moment!!! Happiness is finding your phone _______ (fill in the blanks). Β The answer is in this post. I will fill it in tomorrow’s post **evil laughter**

Guess guess!!!!! Let’s see if anyone can get it right!!

Note: I didn’t plan to keep this post a cliff hanger but the need for a daily post made me do this. The idea of making this multiple post popped up while writing that last sentence.



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