11th party

Luckily, we didn’t have to squeeze our brain to think of a theme last year. The girl had it all pre planned. She wanted a sleep over party influenced from her peers.

As it is every year, we baked cake at home. It was a chocolate filled two layered vanilla cake with pink colored vanilla frosting. Mini kit kat’s decorated around for more choco effect. Chocolates are never enough. The little’s at this household can survive with just chocolates for many meals.

There is something  special about this 11 year old girl that the baking of cake taught me that day. She wanted me to bake a seperate small fruit cake for one of her friend as her friend has nut allery and she was afraid if the chocolates would have nuts in them. I was beaming with pride while baking and decorating the fruit cake. When did she grow up to be so thoughtful?  God bless her and keep her the same always! To be considerate of others.

That would be my first and foremost wish for my kids. To respect self, respect others, to be considerate of others, help others and stand on their own feet. Don’t ever be greedy darlings. If you need something you have to earn it in a genuine way!! Do not accept freebies. They grow a dangerous attitude within you that will spoil your mind and impact your closer ones too. Stay unbiased to everyone around you, treat people equally (men/women, tall/short, fat/slim, dark/white doesn’t matter) and do not fall for stereotypical thoughts.

Woww. That’s a lot I said. I should have made it a seperate post. I forgot this was supposed to be a party post. Just got carried away as I am going through this struggle of paying for someone else greediness!!!

Back to the party, she invited 6 girls. The first thing the girls did after putting down the bag was to get our home WiFi password from me. I wrote it in a piece of paper and kept in the table after the 2nd girl asked for it! **rolls eyes**

The rest of the party was handled by 6 girls. I was sitting in a corner watching them go wild and the little boy in middle of them going wilder.

They baked red velvette cup cakes, ate strawberries dipped in chocolate syrup, played “suck M&M with straw”, decorated their return gift (cross bag), ate pizza, cakes, watched movie and went to bed relectatnly around 1am. The boy was an active participant in all games. You could see that in pics.

They all slept upstairs in a king+full bed. When I went to wish them good morning I could see the girls sleeping in all possible directions. The boy couldn’t wait for them to come down. They had donuts for breakfast and then was chatting around until the parents started to come around 11am for pickup.

One of the thing that Adi didn’t like about the party was a subset of girls were preoccupied with this app called “Musically”.. They spent more time on phone and apologized for it before leaving as Adi was visibly upset.


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16 thoughts on “11th party

  1. You made two cakes and both look decorated to perfection. Kudos to you Ani. And Adi is already 11. I seem to remember reading Adi’s 6th birthday post just the other day.LHB is the cute little Krishna hanging around amidst the girls. Belated birthday wishes to dear Adi.

    Mantam have been asking for a sleepover also, but I think they are too young. Dunno when we’ll be comfortable sending them over.

  2. Sounds like you threw a perfect party Ani 🙂 Time sure flies really fast.. Adi is 11 yrs old! By the way, children these days are super addicted to gadgets right.. and we can do nothing about it.

    • 11 yrs **gulp** about gadgets we haven’t got a phone for Adi yet and we don’t have ipad at home. Adi and LHB screen time is mostly only TV. I want to defer buying the phone for Adi as much as possible..

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