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Weekend post out of fear

I tried to pick two posts from drafts but couldn’t complete them as it needed more details, lots of recollection and pictures. Hence resorting to the “how was weekend” post. I am typing this from my phone on the way back to home in the fear of missing a post today. Once at home the third shift begins and I don’t know if I can get near the computer before calling it a day. I don’t have the energy to stay up late either. With enough reasoning here is my cheat post

Saturday started on a great note. Went to gym in the morning, prepared Poha for kids breakfast, eggs for us, cooking aunty came, relished chicken cooked by her for lunch and rested well in the afternoon. After a long time I got to watch a movie with no disturbance or pausing every other minute.

It was Whiplash. I couldn’t blink my eyes all through the movie. “Charlie Parker never gets discouraged” was the take away from that movie. You have to watch it to know why. Fletcher (J.K.Simmons) performance was awesome. The way he conducts the music, his finger movements when someone makes a mistake. I can go on and on about his acting. It’s a must watch for adults and I am planning to watch with Adi too for her to understand the other perspective of learning. Now that she is into jazz band and all that!!

Saturday night calls for hair oiling session. This time around we were watching tamil video movie songs while doing this painful chore. I call it a painful chore for a reason. ┬áMom’s and daughter’s can understand better. We were playing songs from Maya’s musical Monday playlist and some more. I like it when I mostly claim all tamil songs to be my favorite and Adi countering me “Tell me Amma seriously one song that you don’t like” ­čÖé Initially we had plans to visit a friend on Saturday but it was snowing all day so dropped the plan.

Sunday started with a casual conversation with M (a rare happening!!) as we woke up before the kids and that took turns into┬ásome deep discussions. Later M and kids made grocery run while I cooked pepper mutton masala and fish fry for lunch. Adi’s friend came home for group study and rest of the day was spent in lazing around. It was not a great day and I went to bed with a throbbing headache.

The biggest weekend guilt was that I didn’t spend much time with LHB and he watched so much of TV. I felt so helpless. We made up for that on Monday evening.

I didn’t feel better on Monday morning and called it sick day at work. Didn’t do much staying alone at home. Took some medicines, watched a documentary about GMO seeds/food, put up my daily post and cleaned the house. It was a low day but got to spend some time with LHB in the evening.

Ok publishing now as my stop is next and third shift of the day is about to start in 2 mins. If you are interested, the shift starts precisely when I open the car door to board. First shift is the morning chores at home (cooking, packing), second shift is work and third shift is evening chores at home (dishwasher loading, dinner time, sitting with LHB). I have a big backlog in my reader. Will clear it sooner. I am not reading this post again and will edit later if needed..