Source of craziness

Today morning  I was working at kitchen and Adi was around getting ready. Suddenly I came up with some rhyming sentences and sang it to her

Take it easy
easy peasy
you and me are
always crazy!!!

I liked the rhyming so much that I was on a loop for a while and said “Thank you Adi” I know you will sing this to your friends today. Feel free to share that your Amma came up with this awesomeness.

Aaannddd she said “Yeah right so they can conclude that the craziness runs in the whole family” in a matter of fact tone.

My own finger pointing at me “Kalankathala unakku idhu thevaiyaaa??” (Do you really need this in the morning?)

Shrugs shoulder and continues to sing loud to annoy the girl even more!!! Hence I am late to work but that lighter moment with the girl in the morning is totally worth it..

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