Sick day with LHB

This happened last month. LHB was running high temperature and we had to take turns to keep him at home for 2 days. I choose to take sick day off as I wanted to give my 100% attention to him that day. It was a day that will stay on my mind for a long time to come.

After long long time, it was just LHB and myself at home all day. In the morning I was going crazy as how to keep him engaged all day. His appetite was normal and he didn’t fuss much for taking medicines. That was a big relief for me.

We had just cooked hot food in peace, drank medicine on time, took steam bath (with eucalyptus oil) for 20 mins in shower cubicle, read books, watched one TV show, spoke a lot and overall had a great day.

I was trying to put him to sleep in the afternoon but he refused to climb the bed saying he is not sleepy. You know big boys don’t sleep when its daytime. So, I sat on the bed, started reading his books loud while he was juggling between the floors for a while pretending to play. Then he reluctantly climbed the bed saying he will put me to sleep, slid inside the blanket slowly and dozed off in less than 2 minutes. Each detail of this process is still fresh in my memory and I will hold on to that detail as long as I can as that makes my heart smile wide.

This also reminds me of a day Adi and I had to stay home together. It was a day off for her and I was working from home which was a very rare event last year given my current demanding job. She had no particular plan for the day. As I used to do early in her childhood, I asked a simple question after she woke up. What is your plan for the day? She came up with an hourly plan. I did not follow up after that, she followed 50% of the plan but it was the end of day comment from her that is etched on my mind still.

Amma I feel very good today. I like it when we both are at home, you help me to have a plan for the day and just be around. That coming from a girl like Adi who is mostly sarcastic with her comments especially to me was a big big win for me. I was a proud momma.


12 thoughts on “Sick day with LHB

    • Yes Tharani.. In spite of all that guilt and dull and hair scratching moment, I am sure you are going to have a great time with Zid. Nothing can ever come close to that amazing feeling…

    • how do you guy make all this different kind of cute smileys in comments? All I know is only colon and bracket that indicates a smile or colon and a uppercase D that means laugh out loud.. **scratching head**

  1. Had a similar sick day with Bandar earlier this year and it was the best most relaxing time. Reminds me to take that off when kids are sick rather than worry about back up care and working from home and conference calls.

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