Archive | January 17, 2017

Gym buddy

I have a gym buddy since last month and she is the secret of success behind all my recent frequent gym visits. We send quick text before going to bed everyday about the plan for next day.  It is weird. I feel happy on days when she says “Let’s skip it tomorrow Ani” as I can cuddle for an extra hour with the kids and I feel happier on days she is on to hit the gym at 515am. I know right? That’s the kind of love hate relationship I have with the gym. I am neither a gym person nor a morning person naturally and it takes a lot to push myself to get out of bed at that unearthly hour. My buddy is that push.

That awesome burn and sweat after workout is priceless. It is a win win situation as we also talk nineteenth to a dozen during workout side by side. On certain days we choose to catch up on a movie and workout at media room. Sauna is reserved for weekend. We try to go at least 4 days in a week. I love this new routine.

Why am I writing about all this today? Because in spite of all that love for new routine, I failed her today morning. For the first time in last one month I gave in to the laziness and ditched her. I know I can justify myself – too much work on weekend, didn’t get enough sleep, it was raining outside anything but no I am not going to do that.  Nothing can match making someone wake up so early and wait for you only to not show up. I am sorry buddy. I will try my best to not repeat this again!!

See ya tomorrow morning at 5:05am at your doorstep 🙂