Archive | January 19, 2017

Elective selection

Yesterday evening, the parent portal was opened up to choose elective courses for next year. Adi has two electives to choose every year. We left it completely to her choice on 6th and 7th grade. This year I wanted her to choose one that has fun learning and one where she can learn new techniques though not much fun (according to her). She wanted to choose both on the fun side and was strongly against the one I suggested.

We had to talk it through for about 30 minutes. She had tears rolling down and I felt terrible. All she was repeating is “Whatever, just go ahead and choose anything”. She was not interested in listening to my justifications. I kept telling myself “It is for her good and she will soon realize it”. What made me feel more terrible is that Adi unlike me doesn’t shed tears that often.

Sighhh!! Decision making is such a painful process especially when you have to decide for your kids and both parties are not aligned.

We ended up choosing one of her choice and one of my choice but I promised her that if she absolutely doesn’t like the elective I choose for her after trying it for two months, then I will make every possible attempt to meet with her counsellor and principal to change her elective. Now, I don’t know if it is possible in this school system but I will definitely¬†try if she doesn’t want to continue.

I hope I made the right choice for her and she will appreciate that unique new exposure. Time will tell!!!!