Archive | January 23, 2017

Be part of history

The recent revolution at Tamil Nadu is something that will keep me proud for a long time to come. It was an initiative taken by people for people to save traditional sport Jallikattu. The unity is something that blew me off. I look at this protest as an outrage of a common man and youngsters to oppose various unacceptable events happening in Tamil Nadu for past 2 months.

This picture was taken when localities at my area united to show our support on last Saturday. There is a lot that happened between now and the time this picture was taken. The whole protest took different unexpected turns due to the power of negative forces in the last 24 hours. Hope it all ends with no harm to common man and youth who had a genuine agenda for this protest.


One question that I have is “Would all this have happened if the former chief minister was still alive and in power?” Does this show lack of strong leadership in Tamil Nadu? I am not saying she would have arrived at an unbiased solution but things would have been handled in a different way.

Another thought that I couldn’t avoid is PETA has popularized this traditional sport by banning it. If left alone, this sport would also have died a natural death like many other traditions in next few years. Personally, this is an eye opener for me and the take away is I should do all that is possible to pass on all that I know about my tradition to my offsprings. That is the best I could do and it requires conscious effort living away from home!