LHB field trip

I was about to commit a sin by not recording LHB’s first ever field trip experience from last year. This post will save me from posterity.

Around October during Halloween time LHB’s school arranged for a field trip and I raised both my hands instantly to be a chaperone. Field trip with kids is something I love to do.

Every child was accompanied by a parent, we went in big yellow school bus and LHB was so proud when he boarded the bus. We visited an apple farm, picked 3 apples each, attended a workshop to learn how to make apple cider, went on a hay ride, chose our own pumpkin, did some shopping in the farm store and returned home with a heavy bag. It rekindled my memories of Adi’s field trip when she was 5.

After reaching the farm, all mommies wanted to take their kids to the restroom and guess we wise mommies did. We occupied Men’s room too as the kids couldn’t wait in line any longer to pee. We took in charge of the situation, finished the business real quick with two restrooms and returned to hay ride 🙂




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