2016 India trip

Wowww is all I can say about last year’s India trip. It is one of the memorable trip that I will cherish forever. M and I took turns, had an overlap of one week and kept kids at India for 7 weeks last summer.

There were are lot of firsts in this trip. We landed at Trichy airport and went straight to my hometown Thanjavur. Sneaked out to chennai for 3 days in the first week with parents in tow and spent the rest of the 3.5 weeks at Thanjavur. It was the first time I got to spend extended time with my brother at parent’s home after about 15 years!!! We roamed around the city with 4 kids every other evening, watched Kabali night show with my father (he dozed off even before the title was over and promptly woke up for the climax!!). Driving in the small town at 1am after the movie was a different experience.

Visited my native village (it was a painful trip with most of my previous generation not there anymore) , toggled between the parents and in-laws constantly, went to a book fair in local, read Jayakanthan’s tamil novel “Sila nerangalil sila manidhargal”, spent most evening chatting with neighbors/relatives sitting in easy chair at front porch, visited local temples numerous times to attend all that pooja arranged by Amma. At some point Adi wakes up to ask “Are we eating non vegetarian for lunch today?” and gets very excited if we reply with “yes”. Her theory is then it means we are not going to any temple today!!! I warned Amma clearly to take it easy during future visits.

I travelled back alone and the next 3 weeks of living alone in US seemed like a year. WhatsApp and Skype kept me closer to kids though.

Some pictures:


Birthday card for paternal thatha by Adi


At Saravana bhavan




Sangeetha’s poori


Sangeetha’s cone dosa


All aboard upper sleeper berth to Chennai


At Maya bro’s wedding reception


Indoor playing


Imaginary school bus with all amenities


Brihadeeswarar temple – 10 mins away from home


Hiding spot


Getting ready for lunch


Home grown veggies special lunch – banana flower poriyal, banana stem kootu, mango kuzhambu, keerai masiyal


Cousins galatta


Matching game with Nephew


Yours truly in the middle


I can do homework with eyes closed. I am talented yaa


Look at that style! This pic has my other favorites too – tape recorder, cassette holder, sewing machine, beeg wooden box


Mani mandapam


Cousin bro’s second home. That’s the terrace


Family deity temple pond


Family deity temple. Glad to have found it after 12 years!


Ready for Jallikattu?


24 thoughts on “2016 India trip

  1. Aww aww and more aww is all that I was doing going through the pictures. The yummy food, fun with cousins, the temple visits, old memories – seems like your trip had it all!

  2. Lovely pics !! So glad the kids got to experience it all through their long stay there. Our last trip was 11 days and that too in two cities – Bombay and Madras.Abd divided between two families . So imagine how packed it was. No time to take it all in like this.

  3. I loved the idea of you and your hubby taking turns to stay in India with an overlapping week to extend kid’s stay. Those pictures speak volumes of the fun everyone had and your childhood pictures are the cherries on the cake 🙂
    So glad this year’s trip left you feeling content and enjoying every moment to the fullest!

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