Archive | January 27, 2017

Idli molaga podi

Second post on same day!!!! I had to write this so please excuse

Idli molaga podi aka gun powder mixed with gingly oil

Idli molaga podi smeared evenly on all sides of Idli – slurppp

Idli molaga podi smeared on dosa – slurppp

Idli molaga podi smeared on roti  – slurppp

Idli molaga podi smeared on whole wheat bread – slurppp (that’s what I am eating right now!!)

Basically Idli molaga podi mixed with gingly oil smeared on anything – slurppp

Appadiyae kuda sapidalam (you can eat it by itself too)

Oops I am on this less/no carb diet!!!!

I don’t get it. Why should God create human, why should man invent all this sinfully delicious delicacies, why should those delicacies make human put on weight why? why? why? Surprisingly these deep thinking questions surface only when I am salivating for these delicacies. Not helping at all!!!!

Since morning I am binge eating exclusively items from my “not-to-eat” list 😦 😦 Choose a bad day to work from home!!!

Eating part is almost done now the guilt is waiting around the corner to come and attack me in full force ***crying loud***



Chai for cancer

During summer when I was alone here, I had a chance to attend this amazing event called “Chai for cancer” arranged by a blog friend. I never got a chance to meet this multi talented lady before though we are living in reachable distance for few years. Like it has been the case with any bloggers meet, I didn’t feel strange meeting her for the first time. It felt like meeting a good old friend after many many years.

She has arranged for a social awareness event at her backyard, I was invited via FB and I instantly accepted the invitation as I didn’t have to plan anything. I was staying alone and it was on a weekend. An evening very well spent with chai, chats and songs is all I can say. Connecting with like minded people, listening to the mind blowing performance by the girl dealing with cancer, her mother by her side. There was so much positivity in the air.

It took me few days to get back to normal thoughts after attending this event. I mean what do I crib about in daily life? Isn’t that all nothing compared to what the girl is dealing with? If she could look at life with so much of a positive attitude why can’t I? It was an evening that taught me a lesson in a different way!

Kudos to the friend, her husband, her sister and all her family members who have arranged for this event. I don’t know if I can publish specific details here so keeping it general. But, you can read more about this initiative here – chaiforcancer.