Archive | January 31, 2017

All is well

All is well that ends well. Thank you all my dear readers who have made me feel better via your comments to my previous post. The home was set clean before I reached by the clan and the evening was well spent with quality time with kids.

This year I didn’t find it difficult to churn out posts for blogathon as I know its coming, I know I have to be part of it and prepared myself ahead with drafts just title as fodder. I added them whenever I felt that the incident is blog worthy and the wordpress app in my phone helped with this approach. Infact I have couple of more posts sitting on my draft. I might bug you all with it in coming days.

Unlike past years, I didn’t write it advance and schedule. I wrote the post every day. It helped me to relive those happy moments.  Also, somehow this year I didn’t feel the pressure as much as past years. I enjoyed the whole process and was slightly confident, it could have been due to my drafts.

So, how did I fit in time every day for blogging when I was not able to do it in other months? January was luckily an easier month at work, so I sneaked now and then to write and read posts in between work. Also, I utilized the one hour long train journey to read and write. I have mastered the art of talking over phone to loved ones and read posts 🙂 Work is getting tougher as I am typing this so I am glad the timing worked just perfect.

I am behind by a week in replying to the comments on my posts and clearing my reader. Will get to them slowly as I am sure the reader will see downside from tomorrow 😉

Kudos to all who have completed, attempted and be part of this lovely yearly tradition. It felt great to connect with you all in this yearly reunion. Thanks to Maya and RM for initiating it this year.

See you all next year dearies. Stay happy!!