Archive | November 4, 2017

Sunshine in my pocket – Day 1

A song that will remain our families special all the time. Why so?

While we were driving back home as a family, the boy as usual asked for songs and this time he was specific. He said “Appa play sunshine in my pocket”. We thought he is just blabbering but he kept repeating it. So, I looked up in youtube and he was true!!!!

It was a moment of shock for me. When did my baby grow up so much that he is requesting for a song that is actually a real song and we don’t know about it. I told you it was a moment of shock for me.

I played the song and the boy was singing along and dancing away to glory with whatever gracious move he could make on a booster seat with secured belt of a moving car.

P.S: The boy is such a joy and trouble, I think I should start writing about him more often. Hope!!