Archive | November 6, 2017

Blogging – Day 2

Thanks to all of you who have been still reading this blog. Nothing else has made me grin this wide and feel so happy in recent time. It was your visit, comments to the previous post and all your posts in my reader. I didn’t read them all yet but just scrolling up and down and seeing all my favorite bloggers name in the feed. While commuting to office today, I was simply scrolling up and down of my WP reader. I just can’t explain that happiness.

So, how do I pay it back? I am joining the 100happydays challenge. One should never ignore the things in life that brings true joy to them and for once I decided to listen to myself.  It is an impulse decision with just so many things going around but I just can’t ignore this side of myself and my bloggers. I have to read all your posts and I have blog myself too.

I can’t guarantee to post every day but will definitely post whenever I can. Will try to do more than one on somedays to catch up. Hope that is fine!

A beeeeeg shout out to all my readers and favorite bloggers. Love you all!

Ani returns!!!

P.S: Naan vandhutaen thirumbi vandhutaennu sollu!!!!