Archive | November 7, 2017

TV time – Day 3

On Sunday, we were on and off home and every time we entered home for a brief time before we were about to head out for the next activity, LHB would demand to turn on TV. We managed to not turn it on and then the guy threw a terrible tantrum when we were out on the last activity of the day. I was driving and he threw away the book in hand, kicked the back from passenger seat and screamed on top of his voice for almost 15 minutes asking for his Appa who stayed back home.

He got tired of screaming and dozed off slowly. I watched him through the center mirror drifting off to sleep and an instant pain took over me. Don’t get me wrong but he looked like a mini version of a drug addict at that time. I vented out to Adi who was a silent listener all along.

He was cranky until we reached back home, didn’t allow me to touch him, clinged to his Akka and totally ignored me. Adi tried her best to cheer him up while returning home and include me in the conversation but the guy was very tough. He didn’t want to talk to me or talk about me!

Surprisingly, he didn’t demand for TV after we reached home and started playing with his cars and toys. He was good to me in a short while and bedtime routine followed soon after with no big fuss.

So, I came up with this plan that we shouldn’t let him watch TV more than 30 minutes in one stretch. It should be broken down with at least a 15 minute break for every 30 mins. That would probably help to ease his addiction. Every time I turn on TV for him, I show him the clock and make a point about when I am going to turn it off. I say to him when this big needle comes to 6 we turn off the TV. He nods his head hurriedly just so I can turn on the TV for him. Its working decently.

Yesterday evening, when he requested for TV time I started with my boring clock instructions and he instantly went “Everyday everyday you say the same Amma” with a cute face and hands pointing to me. It was a kodak moment. I laughed out loud and turned on the TV for the handsome guy ofcourse after making my point.

He cracks us up at random dull moments of everyday life and I guess most of my happy days post will be revolving around this little sweet devil of mine.