Archive | November 8, 2017

I did it – Day 4

I don’t know what was going on in my mind, during summer I registered to a leadership course provided by my company in collaboration with Harvard university in spite of knowing the upcoming prolonged vacation, tight schedules, Q4 deliverables and other priorities.

I guess my mind was probably at the same state when I signed up for 100 happy days. It was not just a self learning virtually at your own pace course. It had 3 modules each spanning for few weeks with lessons and assignments due every week that required effort to complete.

Each module had study group activities and session with moderator. My moderator is from UK and all the members of my study group are from UK and India. What does that mean? The calls were scheduled at 5am my time. There were days nights I did marathon completion of assignments piled up for few weeks. It gave good insights into leadership roles and some good tips.

I survived through it all and had the closure call at 4am today morning (thanks to daylight savings). I will be receiving my certificate just before the Christmas holidays begin. My Christmas gift 🙂

Kumudha aappy annachiiii!!!