Archive | November 11, 2017

Free day – Day 6

Yayyyyyy.. finally a day with no agenda, no class, no going out, no nothing. All four of us at home all day with no set agenda. I don’t remember when did we have such a day before.

Let me see how this day progresses!!  Usually our Saturday is like this:

I start my day at 8am getting ready to go to gym,
I am back by 10am
Kids and M leave for class at 10:10am
They come back at 11:45am.
I make lunch ready by 1pm.
Eat lunch, rush to finish any Tamil homework left
Club meeting for Adi with 5 more girls at 2pm.
Tamil class for LHB at 3pm
LHB comes back home by 5pm
Adi comes back home by 6:30pm

And then we breathe…

Oh wait, except for the club meeting for Adi which she actually enjoys and manages by herself everything else is cancelled for today 🙂 🙂

So now you know how I feel about a “Free Saturday”.  Happy Saturday to all!!

I have been doing random reads of my favorite blogs. Hoping to catch up with all the blogs today. Let’s see..