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That smell – Day 9

That unique smell when you enter temple spreads an instant happiness all over the body and mind and makes you feel very serene. Visited temple as a family today after a long time and experienced that happiness.

LHB was my little helper to grind idli batter today. He measured, added the salt to batter and helped clean up. Big boy even carried some stuff for me. We have poured the batter in a clear case container and marked its position with green marker to see how it raises up after fermentation process.

LHB TV watching has been brought under control. Happy mommy 🙂 🙂
*Reality check* happy mommy as long as it lasts!!!


Bread pizza – Day 8

A quick try from our famous Vidya’s kitchen for kids dinner today.

Happy tummy = happy mind = happy family. I couldn’t resist and had one slice myself.

Screen Shot 2017-11-12 at 9.11.31 PM

I did some variations

  1. Used finely chopped onions, zucchini, carrots for veggies mixed with dried basil leaves, pepper and salt.
  2. Marinara sauce for base for the simple reason. we didn’t have pesto at home.
  3. Mexican cheese as mozzarella was out of stock. Its a different topic as how Adi was teasing her Appa for his grand knowledge on different types of cheese. When he painstakingly listed all cheese names she just shrugged her shoulder and said “Appa I know that you only know them by names. You can’t say the type when you see them” but I tell ya this man can say what’s cooking even before entering the home with Indian cuisine.
  4. Greased the foil with olive oil.

Caught up – Day 7

As promised, I caught up (hope didn’t miss any) on all my lovely favorite blogs today with Ilayaraja music in the background.

Highlights of today

  • Sharing couch and blanket with LHB for hours post lunch with both of us watching our own shows.
  • Having a casual chit chat with Adi before her bedtime and giving a gyan to her about how important music is to life and how I can’t think of a day without listening to songs. Strongly encouraging her to create a playlist of her own.
  • In spite of being at home all day, LHB’s screen time was considerably less. Spent couple of quality hours with him in the name of “studying” though some part of it was spent in watching learning videos. That’s is how the boy calls it “studying with Amma”. I guess it freaks him out when I say “studying time” lol.. I thought I am a good teacher but this guy is enough to prove me wrong testing all my patience at the same time.
  • Adi excitingly sharing the progress of her club meet. Very much impressed with all the effort the girls are putting together for a contest they are participating next year.
  • Indulgence of masala chai in the evening made special with a dash of ginger powder and  a spoon of sugar.
  • Catching up with blog.
  • Lauren Graham from Gilmore girls – I love this lady.
  • Adi praising my paneer butter masala. She is the main critic of my food. A food praise from her is a beeg deal for me.
  • LHB in general. Just his presence around is enough to make me happy. Must admit that I was mean to him few times today. I don’t want to justify by saying it was to discipline him. It is bad. very bad. Hope he doesn’t remember them when he wakes up tomorrow.

I thought today is a lazy day with nothing to do but I have so much to write that too on a positive note. Glad I joined this challenge. It helps me to see the happy side of life and appreciate it more than ever. I was under the impression of leading a very boring and dull monotonous life that I even stayed away from this challenge initially thinking its going to be very hard  for me to find a happy quotient in daily life. How I was wrong!!

Masala chai 🙂

Screen Shot 2017-11-12 at 12.13.28 AM